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Gemma today (22.07.14)

no but really guys she’s so cute omg

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We all know where this is from, don’t we?

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btw in case yous have slept on this - there is an amazing tv show that exists on this earth called I Wanna Marry Harry where they’ve tricked a group of american girls into thinking they’re on a dating show competing for the heart of Prince Harry and it’s fucking phenomenal 


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The last thing I want to say is that if you see it this wrong way Danielle would be hating half of the people attending that wedding, Lou, Harry, a lot of people were dressed completely black..


They were talking about weddings in general. There is no mention about Sophia (who wasn’t the only one in black, js)  She’s a fashion blogger and that was her PERSONAL opinion. So stop the drama

Seriously though!

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I don’t understand, what’s the big deal on Danielle saying she wouldn’t wear black for a summer wedding. She didn’t say anything bad about Sophia whats so ever so it’s stupid to hate her all of the sudden. She used to be almost everyones favourite. Tbh I love Sophia but Danielle is still pretty great and awesome in my eyes!

too many bad vibes in this fandom right

Louis and Eleanor at Jay’s wedding 20/07

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But seriously.. Where is Zayn?

Eleanor at Jay’s wedding  x

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