f ‭∞ — Is this mr x thing still not over? Somebody send...

Is this mr x thing still not over? Somebody send this to me, it was a gif but I couldn’t upload the gif itself so I had to screenshot it. Anyhow, I’m really afraid something might happen to the boys. Last year, when this all started,I couldn’t sleep cos it really scared me :s Does anyone know if there was really a girl with a gun arrested at their MSG last year? Or is  this just a sick game?

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  4. stardust-underwater answered: Do you know Mr. X’s real tumblr? I’ve been looking for it
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  7. uniquelyxme answered: It’s true that someone was arrested, I heard it was anyway but I don’t know if they’re planning another attack because there’s only that gif
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    let the fake shit roll in
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    what the fuck!?
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    yeah don’t worry this wont happen. like it just wont
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    Okay so last year they’re were rumours that a woman named Barbra Xavier or some shit like that was able to sneak a gun...
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    Just a sick game. Don’t worry babe nothing is ever gonna happen to those boy’s. :) xx
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  26. pizza-and-1d answered: no a couple of people really got arrested with guns in their purses and stuff, i know one was in front row, and one backstage, more idk
  27. oliviaswardrobe answered: a sick game xx
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